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AGE: 4 yrs,  GENDER: Female

SKU: Sponsor Ragrun for Rs.850/- per month. Sponsorship helps provide regular nutritious meals, clean water, basic medical care and education Category:


Ragrun lives with her parents in the slums of construction sites of Delhi -NCR Her both the parents are working. Father works on construction site and mothers works in kothi. She has large family and she is the youngest one child in the family. Her parents due to the financial constraints they have to work throughout the day so they hardly bothered about sending their kids to the school. Ragrun helps with the household chores but enjoys reading and drawing, in her free time. The typical home is one room with a thatched roof. There is no electricity and water. They are getting water from a community hand-pump. Poverty, unemployment, and caste discrimination present additional challenges in this community. Your sponsorship will make it possible for Ragrun to attend school and the Learning Center where she will receive help with her full potential.


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