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Anchal Charity Trust is not an aid organisation. We are an increasing community of people who are passionate about loving the neediest children around the world. Some of these children are poor, abused, ill, overlooked, or unwanted. These children suffer from illnesses, HIV/AIDS, and targets of child labour, human slavery, poverty, and disasters. We are working to fulfil these critical requirements. Anchal helps children at risk in slum areas and resettlements. We are working for children welfare in Delhi NCR whole-heartedly.

Each of our campaigns throughout the focus areas aims to provide holistic services for children in their particular situation. Poverty in India has been listed as one of the critical factors why millions of children do not have access to the freedom they are entitled to. Our mission is to include the services, coaching, and continuing care required to transform children’s lives in each of their focus communities. Thus, combating inequality and suffering in our community together.

We Wish to See Every Child Eating Good Food

We make sure no children sleep with hunger. Our organisation provides free food for children. Our meals are nutritious and prepared in a clean open area that has been cleaned daily to establish a good atmosphere with hygienic food for children to eat. All children are taught to wash their hands before they eat. This is to ensure they are learning how to keep personal hygiene and eat germ-free food. Also, we have entirely zero per cent of food wastage, with any excess food, if some, then it’s redistributed to the poor. Meanwhile, we make sure there’s secure and clean disposal of paper dishes and cups. Therefore, nothing goes to waste!

We Aim to Make Every Child Educated

Children are deprived of schooling for several reasons, and poverty is one of the most common factors. Education is perhaps the most effective weapon needed to disrupt the brutal intergenerational cycle of rape, malnutrition, hunger, and injustice. Thus, literacy needs a great deal of attention. There are many NGOs working for child education that thrive to increase the literacy rate in the country. Anchal is also one of the NGOs working for child education and working towards improving education for children and feels that every child is unique by birth and will reach the height of achievement if the best learning experiences are given with a positive environment to enable children to open their minds and fulfil their dreams.

Anchal supports the health needs of underprivileged people staying in many of the most problematic areas of Delhi/NCR slums in terms of health, food shortages, and child development. They are making it necessary to provide children welfare in Delhi NCR, as it’s one of the most troubled areas. Anchal recognises health’s value and tackles the problem by delivering healthcare services to children and the vulnerable at their doorstep. Anchal’s primary objective is to provide reproductive, parental, infant, infant health, and nutritional treatment. Also, to improve community concern on environmental protection, hygiene, and other nutrition-related behaviour. Moreover, establish an integrated scheme of referrals and interactions with public and private health services in and near the slums.

We are enthusiastic about the cause of feeding and educating underprivileged children around India. We are putting effort into the field, so connect with us today.

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