Rarely find children with Disability

I rarely find children with disability visible in public places such as schools, parks and markets and often used to ponder on how children with disability would feel to remain confined within their homes and see their other siblings enjoying their life, going to school, have friends and play outside. As soon as I came to know that Anchal Charitable Trust since years has been working toward helping children with disabilities from slums and other communities I took step forward, visited the NGO and decided to sponsor education for one child with disability.
Similarly I Never thought of needs and struggle put by children of construction site labourers before visiting Anchal Charitable Trust center at Vaishali, Ghaziabad. I was moved by the efforts put in by the Anchal staff to provide children specially girl child a safe space while their parents are busy in making high rise towers. I have forwarded my appeal to sponsor few activities for their newly planned center at Noida.