About Us
Anchal Charitable Trust (ACT) is an independent, professionally managed not-for-profit, non-political organization delivering a package of services covering ‘need-felt’ areas for intervention for the differently abled.
How We Work
Anchal as an institution develops meaningful initiatives that establishes a unique identity. Our perspective on the needs of children, the love they are entitled to and, our focus on grassroots intervention offers a unique approach by tackling the root cause of injustice and poverty
Where we work
Anchal serve at-risk children in slums, resettlement colonies and construction sites of NCT Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal.

News & Views

India News Bulletin

While The Entire World Has Abandoned Them, Sikh Volunteers Give Food to Rohingyas in Bangladesh

A team of volunteers from Sikh organisation Khalsa Aid an international ngo has reached Bangladesh-Myanmar on Sunday night, providing relief to the lakhs of Rohingya refugees who are dealing with food crisis. Amarpreet Singh, Managing Director, Khalsaid, India spoke to Indian Express and said that the condition of the refugees living in camps was “miserable […]

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Rape & Violent Crime Rules Supreme

11-Year-Old Gang-Raped At Gunpoint Last Night, Inside Her House And In Front Of Family   Yet another horrific case of rape, assault and invasion of one’s fundamental right has come forward. An 11-year-old was allegedly gang-raped last night, at gunpoint in her own house.   The incident happened in Madhya Pradesh’s Gwalior where three men […]

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Status of Health Facilities in India

.   .   .   .   .   .   while politicians grab the headlines and the limelight, 110 deaths reported at BRD hospital from Sept 1 to 8; fatalities have fallen, claims government GORAKHPUR, SEPTEMBER 12, 2017     A hundred-and-ten infant deaths due to Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES) have been recorded in the first eight days of this […]

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Privatisation of Education – Dreams Realised

All the Things Schools Aren’t Doing BY GARGI PARSAI ON 11/09/2017 • It is time school staff go back to being educators, rather than business professionals devoted to increasing profits at the cost of children’s education and security. The incident of a seven-year-old child being done to death within what one would consider the safe haven of a school has […]

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bulletin board

“It is only and only about one’s own conscience – about what is conscionable to us as an individual. Have the targeted goals promised over the past 70 years been achieved up to some respectable level? And, at what cost? A merciless bout of introspection is called for. Delhi’s record of crime against women is […]

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