Our Little Step to Remove Malnutrition in India

As we all know, malnutrition is a major issue these days. But no one is looking after the needs of the poor people suffering from starvation of food. Due to the poverty increasing day by day, many needy and poor people can’t get food and can’t find themselves spending much just because of low jobs. Sometimes, they need to sleep without consuming any food. This causes many diseases and affects their health. By collaborating with other NGOs working for malnutrition, Anchal Charitable Trust is feeding the poor and is fully attempting to decrease starvation by helping the individuals. And the kind volunteers in our team are looking for the needy people suffering from disease due to lack of food and help them by servicing the basic food necessities.  

Feeding the Poor and Needy People

The main aim of all of the NGOs for malnutrition is to feed the poor. Thus, Anchal Charitable Trust provides proper food to them regularly. Along with that, our volunteers also provide them with healthy juices and other stuff to keep them fit and fine. We believe feeding someone is like taking god’s blessing, and we are proud to say that we, one of the best NGOs working for malnutrition, are actively feeding the stomach of the poor ones and helping them cope with starvation. 

Regular Health Check-Ups for Disabled Persons

Apart from providing the food regularly, Anchal is an NGO for disabled persons, taking care of every disabled person who is facing problems and within our reach. So, considering this, besides serving food, we also provide health check-ups for the disabled person. Our NGO for disabled persons never steps back from fulfilling their need for food and health check. As the majority of the needy people don’t get the proper health check mainly for the disabled person due to not having a sufficient budget. Now they don’t need to take stress as the team of Anchal Charitable Trust is helping the needy children and adults. 

Providing Proper Medication Facilities to Disabled Persons

After considering the situation, our trust also contributes equally to the treatment for disabled persons. We provide medical facilities to low-income families and children at a cost-efficient price as low-income families can’t get their health check-ups regularly. So, our well-reputed NGO takes care of their health by periodically conducting health check-up programs and offering them effective medicines. 

If the need arises, our NGO also admits them to in high-reputed hospital to provide treatment of disabled persons to recover faster. We make it easy for these poor and needy people to reduce their stress of bearing high medical expenses. We have also collaborated with NGOs for disabled persons to help poor people in getting minor surgeries. Our focus is to ensure the mental and physical growth in children, and we aim that every child must receive appropriate nutrition in their critical life cycle.

If you are also looking to feed the poor people, you can contribute to our charitable trust and help us remove people’s hunger.

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