Anchal Charitable Trust is not an aid agency. We are a growing group of people with a passion to love the neediest children around the world. Many of these children are hungry, abused, sick, neglected, or ignored. We strive to meet these crucial needs, but we don’t stop there. We know children have an even greater need: the need to be loved. As you partner with Anchal Charitable Trust, you will not only be a part of providing things like food, medical care, and schooling, you will be a part of bringing love to children in desperate need of help—the next generation of leaders who will one day change their country.

We accomplish our work in most vulnerable communities by partnering with local leaders where these local leaders/Community Volunteers are already working with impoverished children in their communities, but lacked the resources necessary to make a deeper impact.

What these leaders lacked in assets they made up for in heart—a heart trusted and burdened by the same community they strive to help. Our goal is to provide the resources, training and ongoing support they need to change the lives of the children in each of their targeted communities. That’s where you come in.

We could not bring hope without you! We want you to get to know these precious children and the communities they grow up in. Our goal is to combat the injustice and poverty in our world together. We cannot do it alone.

We are Sensitive to Human Needs

You can join thousands of people who are passionately committed to changing the lives of children worldwide. Will you take that first step to get involved today?

Mock Drill at School Level by N.D.R.F Team of India

Training of Task Force Members by N.D.R.F Team of India