Helping the Underprivileged to Fight Cancer

Cancer is the most dangerous disease that is spreading vastly, and its treatment is costly at the same time that many poor people cannot afford. Therefore, Anchal Charitable Trust has taken the initiative to provide the required health care facilities for cancer patients at an attainable cost. Our well-reputed NGO has also united with various cancer hospitals to let all the poor people with low budgets get treated equally.

Contribution to Save the Poor People Lives

Anchal Charitable Trust is a recognised NGO that helps the poor people by providing them with the necessary cancer surgeries in Ghaziabad at a very attainable cost. Due to the rise in cancer treatment costs, many people cannot get the required treatment because of the low budget, which leads to their death. 

Our well-reputed NGO helps all the unprivileged people by collaborating with the professional doctor who makes every effort to recover them from dangerous disease like cancer. Our experienced doctor treats every patient equally so that none of the patients is left untreated. 

Apart from providing cancer surgeries in Ghaziabad, we, at Anchal, also give them the needed guidance to prevent them from cancer, get the therapies done, and provide medicines at a feasible cost required for the cancer treatment. Our NGO mainly focuses on needy people’s requirements and work for their well-being and betterment of life. 

Providing Cancer Treatment at a Cost-Efficient Price

After looking into the increasing cost of medicines and treatments, our reputed NGO is merging with the specialised doctors to provide low cost cancer treatment in Vaishali, mainly for the unprivileged people who cannot afford the costly treatment. Anchal Charitable Trust is equipped with advanced tools to ensure the positive outcomes of treatments. Our experienced doctors provide low cost cancer treatment in Vaishali that are beneficial for people who have cancer. Some of the cancer surgeries include:

Curative Surgery

Anchal Charitable Trust provides curative surgery as this surgery helps remove the tumours and tissues surrounding them. Some of the time, it is the only that you need to get rid of cancer.

Preventive Surgery

Our doctors treat cancer, but with this surgery, they also lessen the chances of getting it again.

Staging Surgery

By performing the staging surgery, our doctors identify the size of the tumour in your body. As soon as they notice the tumour results in your body, they will set up the standard to perform the best treatment to recover quickly. 

Palliative Surgery

Palliative surgery is only performed when your cancer has reached the advanced stages. By completing this surgery, our doctor makes all the efforts to improve your quality of life. 

Treating All the Patients Equally

Anchal Charitable Trust provides cancer treatment in Indirapuram, mainly for poor people, as their main motive is to cater to the people’s needs. Our kind doctors ensure to give proper medication and cancer treatment in Indirapuram to the patients. They regularly meet the patients and check if they are getting recovered or not. Our doctors treat the patients well so that they don’t face such diseases in the future. Our well-recognised NGO always comes forward to help the needy patients without caste creed, colour, and religious bias. 

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