An Initiative to Treat Underprivileged People Facing Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is another form of cancer that builds various cells inside the body due to the uncontrolled growth of the breast. Breast cancer mostly occurs in women and rarely in men, and this is one of the most common forms of cancer. Due to the rise in the treatment cost of breast cancer, many underprivileged are unable to get the proper treatment. Seeing this situation, we, at Anchal Charitable Trust, being a Delhi/NCR-based NGO and charitable hospital, are committed to improving the well-being of underprivileged women suffering from breast cancer by providing the best breast cancer treatment at a very low cost. 

We Are a Well-Recognised NGO for Breast Cancer Treatment

Anchal Charitable Trust is a well-recognised NGO that mainly focuses on providing the best breast cancer treatment in Ghaziabad and that, too, at a very attainable cost. There are several women suffering from breast cancer, but due to not having a stable financial condition, they can afford to take up breast cancer treatment in Ghaziabad. But now, our trust is regularly helping all the people suffering from this dangerous disease. Our main motive is to mainly help the people of the backward sections of the society. We not only provide the best-ever breast treatment but also make all the possible efforts to make their life even more beautiful.

At our charitable hospital, we have a team of proficient doctors that helps the patient from the time the disease is detected until it is fully cured. We also organise various screening camps in backward areas by collaborating with various hospitals and charitable trusts. 

A Team of the Best Breast Cancer Specialist Doctors

Breast cancer is continually rising, and now it is considered one of the major and most common diseases in women. The foremost aim of Anchal Charitable Trust is to help everyone who is the victim of the disease by providing them with the best breast cancer treatment in Vaishali. We always stand for underprivileged women who are suffering from breast cancer. We have the specialists in our team who are proficient in performing the most effective breast cancer treatment in Vaishali. At Anchal Charitable Trust, we treat the patients with the latest treatment techniques for their faster recovery.

A Low-Cost Breast Cancer Treatment

At Anchal Charitable Trust, our only objective is to provide the best options for breast cancer treatment in Indirapuram at a very cost-effective price. We are considered as well-recognised NGO and charitable hospital; our only motive is to provide the top breast cancer treatment in Indirapuram. Our specialist doctors of breast cancer treatment perform the various surgeries given below to recover the patient from the disease of breast cancer:

Radiation Therapy

While performing this therapy, our surgeons use high-energy radiation to remove the cancer cells from the body. Our doctors at Anchal Charitable Trust are proficient in performing the Advanced Radiation Therapy mainly used for breast cancer treatment:

  • Single Dose Intra-Operative Radiation Therapy (IORT)
  • 3DConformal Partial Breast Irradiation (CPBI)

Hormone Therapy

Our doctor also uses this therapy to prevent the hormones from increasing the growth of breast cancer cells in the body.

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