About This Project

ACT aims at reducing the vulnerability to HIV/AIDS of populations most vulnerable to this virus. The target population includes female sex workers , migrant population and other High risk groups. Our volunteers care for the diseased, look after orphaned children or vulnerable to HIV/ AIDS.

We address the issue by developing effective models for AIDS prevention, care and support, Enhance capacity of targeted population to reduce the vulnerability of mobile populations and their families. We advocate influencing changes in relevant laws, policies, and beliefs, practices based on effective and new models.
Prevention of Gender based violence and SRH-Sexual & Reproductive health issues are other key areas where Anchal is intervening to support target communities.

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Donation/ Assistance required

1000/- for nutritional & medical support to one child infected /affected by HIV/AIDS

3000/- per month towards paying salary to one volunteer

21000/- as open donation

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