About This Project

Join Anchal in supporting the health needs of underprivileged people who live in many of the most challenging parts of Delhi and NCR slums as it relates to health, food scarcity, and child development. Anchal understands the importance of health and address the issue by providing basic health care facilities to the children and needy at their door step.

Through our collective efforts, children and their caregivers will have consistent access to health resources and food, develop beliefs and practices to maintain health and food security, and obtain the skills and resources necessary to be independent in managing both health practices and food sources. Anchal is committed to collaborating with local partners to address challenges with strategic use of local assets and resources.  Key objective to Anchal health care needs are :  

To provide reproductive, maternal, new born, child health and nutrition care

To raise the level of community awareness on issues of environmental sanitation, hygiene and other nutrition related behaviour

To develop an effective system of referrals and linkages with public as also private health facilities in and around the slum areas.

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Donation/ Assistance required

25000/- towards medicines for one month for 10 slums

11000/- towards nutritional needs of 30 children for one month

5000/- as open donation for diagnostic needs.

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