About This Project

When natural disasters strike, there is a lot of suffering and lack of resources and poverty aggravate the suffering A natural calamity can leave hundreds and thousands of people homeless. We work to provide relief to the victims.

Support Anchal on the basic needs like food, water, shelter and sanitation, medical aid to the injured and emergency supplies. Your support is also needed to help the victims in rebuilding their houses and recovering livelihoods.

When a disaster strikes, Anchal responds with emergency aid and relief. In case of a flood, earthquake or tsunami, we reach the spot as soon as possible and set up relief camps. We believe in distributing the relief material quickly ensuring that maximum people are saved. We distribute relief supplies to the affected people and provide them with temporary shelter. We also aim at rehabilitating and rebuilding lives providing sustainable sources of food, clean water, access to education, and economic opportunities to re-establish livelihoods.

Donation/ Assistance required

850/- per month towards educational & medical needs for one child

11000/- towards running cost of one CFS-Child friendly Space

21000/- as open donation

51000/- as open donation

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