vision statement

A social environment based on sustainable development, which accords every humane ‘Right’ and freedom of expression to the underserved without discrimination.

Executive Committee/ Governing Board

Mr Rajesh Sharma

President, Finance Professional

Mr Vibhor Mittal

Executive Member, Information Technology

Ms Seema Chaudhary

Vice President, Educationist

Mr Alok Daditch

Executive Member, Software Professional

Mr Sanjeev Sheel

Founder Managing Secretary & CEO, Rehabilitation Professional

Mr Vikas Kumar

Executive Member, Pharma Business

Mr Atul Jain

Treasurer, Business

Legal Status

Anchal Charitable Trust is a registered organization and have following legal status:

• Societies Registration Act, 1860

• Income Tax Department under 12A and 80G

• FCRA certification under FCRA Act

• Having PAN and TAN

• Delhi Government for running special school for challenged

• National Trust under National Trust Act

Key Contacts

• Mr Sanjeev Sheel, Founder Managing Secretary & CEO

• Dr Sheweta Solanki , Sr. Manager Disability

• Mr Sanjay Verma, Sr. Manager – Health

• Mr Rahul Sikarwal , Sr. Manager-DRR

• Ms Kanupria Khandhuri, Sr. Manager Supports

• Ms Bharti Singh , Chief finance officer