About This Project

Support Anchal under Stop Diarrhea initiative with the aim of zero diarrheal death in India in the intervention areas.

 Project is being implemented by Anchal with 3 objectives that includes reduction in Diarrhea incidence and prevalence in , population access to safe drinking water, adequate and hygienic sanitation facilities,  immunization against measles and against Rotavirus.

Project is following a strategy which has been developed by WHO & UNICEF which is called 7 Point Plan approach of Diarrhea prevention & Control. The strategies are : 

  1. Treatment –
  • Fluid replacement to prevent rehydration;
  • Zinc Treatment


  1. Prevention-
  • Rotavirus and measles vaccinations;
  • Promotion of early and exclusive breastfeeding and vitamin A supplementation.
  • Promotion of hand washing with soap;
  • Improved water supply quantity and quality including treatment and safe storage of household water.
  •  Community wide sanitation promotion.


Under the project Anchal is also working on the development of infrastructure established by the govt authorities such as DUSIB, MCD in the area for the community like Community Toilets Complex, Water Source Points and School Toilets.

Donation/ Assistance required

850/- for one child towards Medical, Nutritional and Educational needs

9000/- for one health camp.

15000/- for awareness campaign for one slum for a month