Target Intervention (TI) Programme


The Project 

Target Intervention (TI) Programme is a programme focusing on HIV / AIDS prevention which is being funded by State AIDS Control Society (SACS) at all India level. Anchal Charitable Trust (ACT) handles the project in Collaboration with Delhi State AIDS Control Society (DSACS) . The present project aims towards the needs of vulnerable section of society that includes Female Sex Workers and Migrants. An additional component of SRH –Sexual and reproductive Health care is being added under the state initiative with the support of Alliance India creating first such initiative in the area in concern. The factors have necessitated the implementation of holistic, participatory and culture-sensitive programs among target area. The Status of HIV/AIDS in India is as follows:


  • India, ranks second after South Africa in terms of high prevalence of HIV.6 states namely, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Manipur, Nagaland & Tamil Nadu have the highest prevalence of HIV infected people.
  • Majority of HIV infections occur through unprotected sex, the second being injecting drug use. Previously blood transfusion and blood product transfusion were also major causes, but blood safety measures are now in place to prevent such transmission.
  • 54% of reported AIDS cases were diagnosed among people aged 30-44 years
  • Although the national adult HIV prevalence rate is below 1 % (0.8%), six states have an estimated prevalence of over 1% among adults.
  • It is estimated that there will be 20 million to 25 million AIDS cases in India by 2010, more than any other country in the world.
  • Rising trend of HIV: Epidemic spreading from urban to rural areas, from high risk groups to general population!


The Goal


To reduce the spread of HIV, impact of HIV in the targeted communities and to improve the quality of life of PLHAs/CAAs/FAAs and vulnerable children in the target areas.”


 The Objectives

  • To reduce the level of stigma and discrimination associated with HIV/AIDS.
  • To ensure the sustainability of the program by empowering the local service providers, community leaders, and vulnerable children (Peer Educator)
  • To ensure that community leads a healthy risk free life by promoting VCT process for early diagnosis.
  • Empowering PLHA/FAA/TB clients on home based care and improving their health status and linking them with IGP.
  • Empowering and ensuring well being of CAA’s and vulnerable children’s and catering their health and psychosocial needs with specific objective focusing on peer education.
  • To empower Support Group and Local Service Providers to sensitize the community for preventing spread of HIV.
  • To prevent the spread of HIV within the community by focusing PE involving vulnerable children and local service providers.


The Coverage

 The Commercial Sex Workers (CSW) and Migrant Population  of North-East Delhi. Major focus is kept on Women and Children of East and North-East Delhi.


The Activities

 The following activities are being carried out under the programme:-

  • Outreach
  • Behavior Change Communication/ Interpersonal communication
  • Services
    • Promotion/distribution of free condoms
    • Provision of basics STI and health services
    • Linkages to others health services (ICTC, TB, STI etc)
  • Enabling Environment
  • Community mobilization


 The Beneficiaries                             

  • Core Groups
    • Groups who have high level of vulnerability to HIV infection
    • FSW’s, MSM’s, IDUs
  • Bridge Groups
    • Groups who have high levels of vulnerability but are at a lesser risk
    • Truckers, Street Children, Migrant Laborers

Beneficiaries covered:

  1. Female Sex Workers – above of 3000 beneficiaries.
  2. Migrant Workers – above of 15000 beneficiaries.
  3. Services To People Living with HIV AIDS (PLHA)/ Children Living with HIV AIDS (CLHA)/ Children Affected with AIDS (CAA) and Women Living with HIV AIDS (WLHA) : 450 beneficiaries.