Community Based Rehabilitation

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This project ensures that children/adults with disabilities have access to rehabilitation facilities and services at the community level.

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The services includes access mainstream, primary inclusive education in the schools of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi,  to ensure improved therapeutic skills of the parents and care-givers of the child thus assuring rehabilitation services in the home, Home modifications as per the need of child and creation of DIC-Disability Information centre with in community.

India has around 80 million people with disability. Poor literacy, widespread social stigma and fewer jobs makes the challenged the most excluded social segment.

A World Bank Report released in December 2008 (pertaining to India) says that differently abled children are five times more likely to remain out of school than SC/ST children. Less than 1% of the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan funds are spent on inclusive education. The Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan faces the problem of identification of these children and the lack of infrastructure necessary to respond to their needs.

The ‘Report’ highlights that “a large number of disabilities in India are preventable, including those arising from medical issues during birth, maternal conditions, malnutrition, accidents and or injury.”


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