Special School

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Anchal Charitable Trust is dedicated to rehabilitate children with special needs. We cater to the needs of physically and mentally challenged children and ensure to prevent neglect, apathy and ignorance and provide basic services.

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We work in coherence with different organizations and make sure that the challenged individuals find a respectful employment with us or with other institutions.

Poor literacy, social stigma and lack of employment opportunities make the challenged the most excluded segment of the society. We work towards mitigating the negative attitudes towards these children. We strive for early diagnosis, parental help and getting adequate opportunities for training to restore and rehabilitate these children.

We disseminate the message that mental retardation is not a disease and it is a condition where a person has certain limitations in mental functioning affecting communicating skills. These limitations slow down the learning skills and it takes a longer time to develop skills like walking, speaking, eating and taking care of personal needs.


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