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AGE: 5 yrs,  GENDER: Male

SKU: Sponsor Krisna for Rs.850/- per month. Sponsorship helps provide regular nutritious meals, clean water, basic medical care and education Category:


Krishna lives with his parents in one of the slums of Construction sites of Delhi-NCR. His father is a construction site worker. The living conditions are difficult. The typical home is made of Bamboo with No electricity and No Toilet facilities. They get water from a community borewell /Hand pump. Krishna lives in an environment where illiteracy, alcoholism and unemployment are common social issues. Your sponsorship will make it possible for Krishna to attend school and the learning centre where he will receive help with his studies, and healthy food , medical Aid in a loving environment. Krishna loves to play cricket, watching movie and drawing. Your love and support will help Krishna receive the assistance he needs to develop to his full potential


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