“Mujhe iss school main sab kuch aacha lagta hai” - Raju
Raju father works in construction site and his mother works in kothi nearby. He has two sisters and two brother. In his family no one is educated that’s why his parents also couldn’t explain and understand the importance of sending their children to school. Raju never got encouraged to go to school in general or importance of education in particular.
Raju, 10 Yrs
Islam, Lucknow,Construction site, Juggi, Vaishali, UP
“Mujhe padna nahe aata isis liye main school aata hoon”
Divanshu’s father works at a construction site and his mother works as a domestic servant in the neighbouring houses and flats. He has three brothers and one sister. He has to look after his younger sister when his mother is not around. His parents are always under work pressures are unable to pay any attention to Divanshu. None of his brothers or sister were going to school.
Divanshu, 6 Yrs
Migrant, Bihar, Construction site, Juggi
Mujhe padai karna bhut pasand hai per meri maa bolti hai padai kar ke kya karegi kaam toh tujhe kothi main he karna hai
Roshni, both the parents are working. Father works on construction site and mothers works in kothi. She has 3 brothers and she is the only girl child in the family. Her parents due to the financial constraints they have to work throughout the day so they hardly bothered about sending their kids to the school. Her mother was not in favor of sending to school because she thought if roshani will go to school then who will look after her junior ones.
Roshni, 8 Yrs
Lucknow,Construction site, Juggi