Facts about COVID-19


There is no evidence whether this Virus can survive hot temperatures or not as Countries with low temperatures have also reported the Corona Outbreak. Taking a hot bath won’t do any good, however, drinking lukewarm water at regular intervals will keep this Virus at arm’s length.


This Virus can attack anyone irrespective of their age. However, people who are aged tend to have lower immune systems compared to others that’s the reason it can easily strike them.


Although, Garlic has high nutrients with potent Medical properties yet it is not evident that it can control COVID-19.


The antidote is not available for this lethal virus. Drinking alcohol or having any medicines taken to deal with Malaria or Pneumonia is useless. There are high chances of side-effects as well.


Wearing masks cannot stop you from catching this deadly virus however it must be worn by an infected person to block the droplets from their nose and mouth at the time of coughing and sneezing.


Corona Virus can be prevented by washing hands with soap or with an alcohol-based rub. Avoid touching your nose, face, and mouth unnecessarily. Kindly make sure to avoid social gatherings at this point in time.

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