vision statement

A social environment based on sustainable development, which accords every humane 'Right' and freedom of expression to the underserved without discrimination.

Executive Committee/ Governing Board

Mr Rajesh Sharma


Mr Vibhor Mittal

Executive Member

Ms Seema Chaudhary

Vice President

Mr Ramesh Sharma

Executive Member

Mr Sanjeev Sheel

Founder Managing Secretary & CEO

Mr Vikas Jain

Executive Member

Mr Amit Mishra


Legal Status

Anchal Charitable Trust is a registered organization and have following legal status:

• Societies Registration Act, 1860

• Income Tax Department under 12A and 80G

• FCRA certification under FCRA Act

• Having PAN and TAN

• Delhi Government for running special school for challenged

• National Trust under National Trust Act

Key Contacts

• Mr Sanjeev Sheel, Founder Managing Secretary & CEO

• Dr Sheweta Solanki , Sr. Manager Disability

• Mr Sanjay Verma, Sr. Manager – Health

• Mr Rahul Sikarwal , Sr. Manager-DRR

• Ms Kanupria Khandhuri, Sr. Manager Supports

• Ms Bharti Singh , Chief finance officer